Saturday, February 27, 2010

Zazzle kedsshoe from Eyefish productions: to be or not to be

Zazzle kedsshoe from Eyefish productions: to be or not to be

Cool shoes for engineers and sci-fi fans. Will robots replace us some day? Ok, I know, I am many years ahead of our time. But if science and technology will keep advancing at the actual rate at some point computers may become more intelligent than we are. And it is also possible that intelligent robots will be able to take our place or maybe we will become robots, who knows? This is not as far ahead as most people believe. We will have to face this situation somewhere around 2030 and this is within the lifetime for most people who actually live on this planet. The question is: will we survive this and what will we become? Of course this is still sounding like science fiction, but if we look back what life was in the 80's of the 20th century with no internet and the cold war still running dramatic changes in the future become a lot more believable. I am pretty optimistic mankind will go out better and stronger out of this, but this will not be the mankind we know. There are various options we will have, but we will have to choose very wise, because this choice will shape our future.

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